december 7, 2013
the new album "wild years of remorse and failures" is now available to order!
you can also stream or download the album on our bandcamp page.

 october 12, 2013
we are preparing to re-release our first two full-lengths and ep in a new compilation double-album aptly titled "wild years of remorse and failures" which will feature all 24 songs present in the "songs of remorse", "the wild hunt" and "life failures made music" albums as well as two additional new cover songs. 

all of the music has been re-mastered and the vocals on the original "songs of remorse" album have been rerecorded

two songs from the double-album are now available for streaming and download on the our bandcamp page as well as hypnotic dirge's. "bury the bottle with me" - a Dick Curless Cover song originally released in 1968 which will appear on the "remorse" side (Disc I) and "the unlucky ones" the opening track from the "failures" side (Disc II). 

the album release is scheduled for release on december 7, 2013 on hypnotic dirge records with brand new album artwork featuring photography from label owner n. skog and edited by the graphic designer saman N. - better known for his music projects ekove efrits, silent path, and inner trip.

below is the album cover.

december 8, 2012
'a break in the day' has been released by pest productions! you can order a copy of the cd here
the album is also available to stream or download from pest productions' bandcamp page.

october 21, 2012
stroszek will be participating in the upcoming Pest Productions compilation album, with this new song and video, "now we're even"

as well as this, the full stroszek discography has been uploaded to the bandcamp page, and is also streaming on this website in the audio section. if you are interested, full album downloads are available for 4 euros each.

june 20, 2012
    this friday we'll play (in italy) the first ever acoustic show with frostmoon eclipse, and we'll perform the "dead and forever gone" album almost in its entirety. without that album there would be no               stroszek now, 'cos it was the starting point. so here's a song off of it:


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