lyrics - songs of remorse 
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1. a nightwalk in partille
I can't start like this
it hurts so bad
it makes me bleed
I know you are no more
walking through landscapes of green
remembering what I hold
golden are the hands that you can't see anymore
my nerves are exposed, it wasn't meant to be
now I am exposed, I just don't want to be

2. color of the street
the world keeps turning
that's the way it's gonna be
my world stopped turning
that's the way I'm gonna be
Something wishes to die
and you'll find someone else
when I'm dead and through
this is my jail
I stayed all day by the old dog's playground
something wishes to die
and you'll find someone else
when I'm dead and through

3. the night porter
I am tired to play your game
so easy to feel your pain
I can't start over again
there's no one else to blame
you said you've got the right
so tired to start a fight
you're here to take my sight
will I survive this night?

4. the house told me
the house told me someone was here
the house told me I should've been gone
the house spoke to me and I fell asleep
and dust grows thick as fog
the house told me friends are long gone
the house told me "your life is lost"
the house spoke to me and I fell asleep
as death came and closed the door

5. stones in my throat
have you seen my shadow?
I can hardly see my face
have you seen the scars I got?
they never let me sleep
I got stones in my throat
I cannot breath
I cannot bear the weight of all this…

6. the railroad track
I just can't drive no more
will you let me on the floor?
how long the sky will snow?
there's something to be done
I walked my way to the railroad track
some told me that's the place to be
someday I'll be back
you killed the light inside of me

7. not even the half
not even the half of the voices are callin' now
not even the half of the weight of the universe
when I am dead and gone there's nothing for you to see
not even the half of me as I once was
not even the half of the pain that I could bear

8. slow sleep
I can hear it in the moaning sigh
I can hear it in the wind
I can feel the stars touch my skin
I've been released
I've been unseen
I've been at one with the grey
I've been so clean
Wait for me someday…
I can't see it in the morning light
I can't see it through my screen
I can't see the sun on my skin

9. was it worth the wait?
I drove all night
still there's nowhere to go
was it worth the wait?
you fought your way out of me
I walked all my way
still the road goes ever on
was it worth the cost?
you die every time I lie

10. wheels to rust
the more I think of this
the more my head falls down
I know the hunt is on
an image of black and white
is all that's left of your red eyes
the more I think of you
the more I wish I was
an eternity of rust
…am I locked out of hell? 

11. sand
could you?
I've been already there
should you?
now it's dark somewhere
I got sand on my hands
kill you
not feeling any pain
dream you
my dreams are filled with shame
I got sand through my spine


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