the full stroszek discography has been uploaded to the stroszek bandcamp page. every album is available for free streaming in full, and you can buy downloads of each album for 4 euros. 
the 'a break in the day' EP, and 'the wild hunt' EP are free.
physical copies of most of these albums are available from hypnotic dirge records

wild years of remorse and failures  - 2cd (2013)

sound graveyard bound (2012) 

a break in the day EP (2011) 


life failures made music (2009)

the wild hunt EP (2009) 


songs of remorse (2007)

slideshow video
now we're even  

slideshow video 
can't make things undone 

slideshow video 
spirits dwell (ft. nat)

music video
the unlucky ones 

frostmoon eclipse - what could have been

more streaming on soundcloud


life failures made design - 2014