formed in 2007 by claudio alcara, the guitarist and founder of frostmoon eclipse, one of italy’s original, and longest serving black metal bands, stroszek marks a complete change in direction. with stroszek, c. is able to successfully distance himself from the old-school black metal for which he is better know, and use his considerable skills as a guitarist and song writer to produce music that is richly melodic, hauntingly melancholic, and at times, a crushingly sad commentary on his innermost thoughts and life experiences. 

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New song - "Fall of '94" (demo version)
July 22, 2017

my first proper new song in five years or so
recorded live @ crossoroad
concept, video, sound and digitals by daniel dan & dr. foxx

Latest release:

the re-release of songs of remorse, life failures made music, and the wild hunt ep are now available in a new double-album compilation entitled "wild years of remorse and failures". the new edition comes with re-recorded vocals on songs of remorse and the whole thing is re-mastered and includes brand new artwork.

you can order the album now from hypnotic dirge records!


c. (vc/gtr), pic by marina

accessible but secretive, sad but knowing, solitary but full of shared feeling, “sound graveyard bound” is a fantastic testament to the talent of stroszek. it works brilliantly as an album, moving from one dreamy frontier of feeling to the next, each track well-considered and carefully wrought, but also building an extremely coherent overall atmosphere. The guitar work alone will stop you in your tracks; this is the perfect album for musing, remembering and wrestling with the gentler inner demons.
-ellen simpson / hierophant-nox webzine

this is music right here. Give your banging heads a rest and check out something that is more laid back and peaceful, yet at times still stays heavy. It probably isn't for everyone but to me its similar to the Flight of Sleipnir or Agalloch, just less blackened.
tim / metal horizons 'zine


life failures made design - 2014